From Scare to Care

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is the first thing on everyone’s mind, especially now since The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it as a global pandemic of epic proportions. We at Zyter® care about our employees, clients and the world we live in.

For our 9000 employees, we have successfully implemented a virtual health kit which helps with COVID-19 screening, assessment and care. This is a highly secured platform with HIPAA compliance and has been deployed to some of our key Fortune 500 clients. The threat is very real and will continue to be, even after when organizations reopen doors for their employees, customers and partners.

COVID-19 has posed challenges to many people and industries around the world. Two main challenges have been in the healthcare industry, the triage of patients and virtual care due to the virus being highly contagious.

Zyter Health is a cloud-based, modular platform that integrates a range of broad capabilities into a single, customizable digital workspace across web and mobile (iOS & Android). Zyter is currently live at in-patient settings for some of the largest healthcare delivery systems. It enables providers to easily collaborate, share patient data, and streamline coordination across care teams. Our product suites include:
• Inpatient Nursing
• Remote Monitoring
• Tele-health
• Hospital Logistics
• COVID-19 Response
• Care Management

COVID-19 Response:

Virtual Care Engagement Model

  • Enables detection, triaging, treatment and recovery of COVID-19 patients, through online Smart Exams, Virtual Visits and hospital or home care (as needed), while integrating with COVID-19 response teams, globally, nationally or locally, thus helping monitor your employees at scale and in real time.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras mounted at the entrance of and/ or inside premises, analyzes temperatures of people and sends the analyzed information to the in-house Emergency Response Team.
  • Shift care of presumptive positive COVID-19 patients to a virtual space
    •  Virtual Smart Exam: Before visiting the hospital, a presumptive positive patient can complete a Virtual Smart Exam (a questionnaire for validating the risk of infection for a patient) that will validate the risk and support escalation to a response team. This online virtual exam has been created in coordination with qualified top doctors and data scientists.
    •  Virtual Visit: If after triaging, it is found that the patient may be presenting COVID- 19 symptoms, the response team can connect with patient using video calling capabilities in our solution. The response team can include the doctors, other medical care professionals, clinics and hospitals that you have partnered with. At the same time, Zyter is also working to partner with doctors across the geographies in multiple hospital systems, to provide any assistance to customers.  This kind of virtual visits will help contain the spread of infection. 
    • Hospital Visit (if required): After the Smart Virtual Exam or Virtual Visit, if the patient requires a hospital visit, the response/care team may recommend a visit to a hospital to confirm diagnosis or receive treatment. Shift care of presumptive positive COVID-19 patients to a virtual space.

Virtual – At – Home – Care: After the patient’s hospital visit, the care team can monitor their condition remotely and continue the recovery treatment at home, in an environment that is conducive to not spreading the infection.

Patient Screening Options

Having ways to screen patients and streamline the diagnosis is essential. Zyter is integrated with thermal imaging which has the ability to collect data real-time for monitoring and control as well as the ability to integrate with any open thermal sensing device. With high volume entrances, 1-2 cameras per screener is recommended. For low volume entrances, images will show in control room and dispatch necessary resources. The below diagram thoroughly enumerates the process.

Smart Monitoring for COVID-19

Streamlining Provider Engagement & Collaboration

  • Streamline and Disseminate Guidance: Zyter Emergency alert, Group Chats, and Channels serve as push mediums to quickly and easily disseminate evolving protocols and training. Enable State & Local Health Department connectivity.
  • Specialist Consults: Enable local care teams to consult with Infectious Disease specialists for tele-mentoring and improved access to care via asynchronous chat, realtime A/V communication and secure file-sharing.
  • Overwhelmed Provider System: Communicate capacity via Channels and Groups, creating DHA and regions communication hubs and preserving scarce containment resources.

Since the solution is cloud based, we can deploy this quickly and your response team can monitor the cases and progress remotely, enabling them to prevent loss of life and further take adequate business decisions. Our solution has been successfully implemented with our key clients and we firmly believe that every organization needs proactive monitoring and virtual care for their employees. Let’s combat this global health pandemic situation together and save lives through technology.


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