Context-Aware Chat

icono secure messaging

Secure Messaging

Safeguard your ecosystem communication with enhanced end-to- end encryption.
icono delivery

Delivery Confirmations

Dynamic delivery confirmations let you know when your message is sent, delivered, and read.
icono lifespan

Message Lifespan

Decide the length of your message lifespan and protect sensitive data with customizable pre-defined timing.
icono groups


Kickstart communication and keep everyone on the same page with seamless group messaging.
icono chanels


Reach out to the right audience every time by creating ecosystem channels based on departments or work groups.
icono exchange

Media Exchange

All types of media can be easily attached from the cloud and securely sent to your colleagues in a matter of seconds.
icono intelligence

Custom Commands

Make your interactions intelligent by creating custom context-aware commands to streamline your workflow.
icono workflow

Messaging Workflows

Set your availability, assign responsibilities, and relay messages so your organization never misses a beat.
icono profanity

Profanity Tracker

Keep work professional, proper, and positive with the ability to track and report unacceptable language.